Being your best self requires...
embracing confidence, strength and authenticity.
Pareure (puh-roor) accessories are
a celebration of your courage
and a talisman that fortifies your soul.

How it's made matters...

using responsibly sourced materials,
adopting environment-friendly studio practices and
employing thoughtfully honored team members.

"Engineering is my trade, jewelry is my craft."
~ Tonya Powell, Founder

Born an artist and raised an engineer,

Tonya has returned to her artistic roots as an accessory designer and fabricator.
She has created a lifestyle accessory brand featuring jewelry
influenced by her obsession with tactility and love of architecture.
Expressed through the juxtaposition of texture and shape,
tactility is a reflection of the human need to touch and be touched.

As a member of the Redress Raleigh Board of Directors,
Tonya continues to challenge the notion of luxury and champion transparency
in 'how' products across the fashion
(apparel, accessories, and jewelry) industry are made.


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